Are You Shredding Your Hard Drives? Here’s Why You May Want to Start

Thorough and professional document shredding services are an established and proven method to effectively securing data or copies of data that are no longer needed for use. Shred-A-Way is proud to be able to say that for over 45 years we have provided dependable and secure shredding services in both Georgian and Alabama.

In today’s working climate though, paper is no longer the sole major source of information storage and management. Computers and smartphones have increased in use in the workplace immensely over time, and it has become more and more important to ensure that electronic data is secured in addition to physical data on paper documents.

This may sound easy at first; simply delete files you no longer need and use anti-virus, right? Not exactly! The issue is that simply deleting files doesn’t necessarily permanently erase them from existence. It’s for this reason that HDD shredding services have risen in popularity, and why more and more users are taking advantage of them.


Why do I Need to Shred My Hard Drives?

If you value keeping your data secure, hard drive shredding is the only way to ensure for certain that your electronic files cannot be recovered.

Computer and mobile hard drives can store quite literally thousands of pages worth of data; it isn’t worth taking the gamble, especially if you’ve ever stored sensitive and compromising information on your device.


Electronic Data Recovery: a Double Edged Sword

You may have heard of services available to attempt to recover deleted data from hard drives. While these services are often used to help people who have faced mechanical failures that don’t corrupt or delete information, in some cases data can indeed be recovered from hard drives after it has been “deleted”.

Electronic data can sometimes be stored in recoverable fragments which can remain on a hard drive even after files have been deleted. This can be great when something is accidentally deleted and needs to be recovered, but can also cause problems if a computer is disposed of, and the hard drive lands into the wrong hands.


How Shredding Your Drive(s) Protects Your Data

Shredding your drives ensures that data recovery from your hard drive is physically impossible; no matter whose hands it may fall into.

Hard drives use magnetic platters or disks to store information on. For as long as these magnetic platters that live within the hard drive are in-tact, it is possible for data to be recovered from them. Hard drive destruction ensures that these platters and the rest of the hardware is thoroughly and completely destroyed; making it physically impossible to recover any information whatsoever.


Shred-A-Way Can Help Achieve a Full Data Security Solution

Our shred trucks are outfitted with state-of-the-art shredding equipment that can tear through hard drives in mere seconds. We offer shredding services right on site; you can even watch in real time as your drives and documents are destroyed!

For media destruction services you can count on, Shred-A-Way has your back. Talk to us today to learn more about our cost-friendly and flexible solutions.



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