Document Shredding Birmingham, AL

Shred A Way is a locally-owned and operated company providing document shredding and document storage services to those in Birmingham. As part of The Overby Company, we have been providing document management solutions to various industries since 1973. We take great pride in providing quality document management solutions that improve security measures, productivity levels, and compliance with state and federal privacy laws on the disposal of sensitive information.

Document Destruction in Birmingham

Our professional team is highly qualified and experienced in partnering with companies to supply appropriate document shredding services that are specifically customized to the requirements of our Birmingham customers. Whether you’re in need of purge shredding, scheduled ongoing services, or mobile document destruction services that are performed onsite, our team will come to your place of business directly for the destruction of your material. All confidential records are shred before your eyes.

We Offer the Following Secure Solutions:

  • Regularly Scheduled Document Shredding – Scheduled paper shredding can be carried out on a routine basis that’s suitable for you. We offer weekly, bi-monthly and monthly service options depending on your needs and disposal levels. Clients are supplied with lockable and durable, collection bins to be used for secure disposal of all confidential documents requiring shredding. These are provided at no cost when you use our ongoing document shredding services. For easy access and simplicity, we suggest that you place these throughout your workplace in busy areas where document disposal is prominent, such as next to printing stations. Shredding is performed on-site at your location for fast service and little distraction in your day. As part of our commitment to a greener environment, we collect and recycle all paper particles.
  • On-Call Document Shredding – Clients who don’t require regular, ongoing shredding services will likely choose our on-call service option instead. Our lockable collection containers are also optional with this service, and can be obtained through an easy rental process. Contact our professional team once your bins reach capacity and are ready to be collected; a shred technician will arrive at your location and shred your material in a prompt manner.
  • One-Time/Purge Shredding – This solution is perfect for organizations who are in dire need of removing clutter and mess, or for those that are relocating in the near future and have significant records to get rid of first. Schedules can be extremely busy and in some circumstances there’s simply not enough time in a day to complete everything effectively; turn to our business to assist with the disposal of your unwanted documents in a method that guarantees your total security. Purge document shredding keeps your Birmingham business organized, protected, and most notably compliant, with federal and state privacy laws.

Records Storage Services

If you’re seeking professional services for records storage, Shred A Way’s facility is specifically designed to supply industry leading solutions to Birmingham clients. Taking advantage of our records storage facility will enable you to regain considerable office space back in your place of business. You’ll be faced with free space again that can be used for more productive reasons. Unless necessary for future referencing, storing records on-site at your place of business, could cause potential security issues; Disasters happen and in many cases, there is little warning to prepare properly. Keep your important documents protected with offsite records storage, and never worry about the chance of losing or damaging such vital material. Birmingham clients can benefit from our indexing and records archiving abilities, all provided in our state-of-the-art facility.  The ability to access and/or retrieve your records will be offered to our clients 24/7 for your convenience. We use a metal shelving system where your boxes are bar-coded appropriately and secure in a closed off area.  Our team will look after your records until you’d like to retrieve them once again. Alternatively, we are happy to store these until they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle and require secure destruction.

Media Destruction Services

A well-rounded document management program includes document shredding and document storage, but it’s crucial to emphasize the protection of your electronic media as well. Media destruction is just as important to prioritize because today, we create and circulate more electronic data as hard copy records. If you fail to shred old hard drives after performing a system upgrade, throwing these electronic records away is risky business; data can be recovered quickly and is usually done without you even knowing. Our media destruction services ensure that the information found on your tapes, hard drives, and other electronic media is unrecoverable, leaving data 100% secure.  We are pleased to offer our Birmingham clients this additional step towards guaranteed information security, and highly suggest this service!

Why Choose Shred A Way?

If your business is looking for professional expertise it can count on, Shred A Way is your source for affordable, simple, and cost-effective services that work together to reduce security threats while improving productivity and organizational levels for your company. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your business data is in excellent hands; our processes follows the highest of industry standards for an experience you’ll be more than pleased with. Customers can turn to document shredding, record storage and media destruction services all at one, central facility.

We’ve built a reputation for our wide array of flexible document management services, and our clients continue to trust in us to keep their records secured. Learn more about the many ways in which your Birmingham organization can benefit from our secure and compliant services.

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