Document Shredding Montgomery, AL

Shred A Way is a locally-owned and operated business providing document destruction and document storage services to the Montgomery and surrounding areas. As part of The Overby Company, we have been supplying document management solutions to many industries since 1973. We take great pride in supplying effective document management components that work together to enhance security, productivity, and compliance with state and federal privacy legislation in relation to throwing away sensitive documents.

Document Destruction in Montgomery

Our qualified professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in partnering with companies to provide effective document shredding services that are uniquely designed for the specific requirements of our Montgomery clients. Whether you’re interested in our purge shredding service, regular shredding services, or mobile document destruction solutions that are conducted on-site, our team will come to your place of business directly for the destruction of all material. Your sensitive documents will be securely destroyed right before your eyes.

We Provide the Following Services:

  • Regularly Scheduled Document Destruction– Document shredding on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule can be requested if suitable for your business. Clients may choose a schedule that is fitting to their unique disposal habits and budget. We provide each customer with quality bins and containers that are entirely lockable for your security. Place sensitive material in these containers prior to your scheduled shredding date, for total security.  For quick and simple access, we recommend placing these in busy areas of your office where paper use is prominent; a printing area is perfect for this. Shredding is carried out directly at your location for convenience and little distraction in your work day. As part of our dedication to a greener environment, we collect and recycle all paper content leftover.
  • On-Call Document Destruction – Clients who don’t require regular, ongoing shredding services will usually prefer to use our on-call service option instead. As with other service options, our lockable collection containers are available with this service as well, and can be used through a simple rental process. Get in touch with our shred specialists once your bins are full and ready to be emptied; a shred technician will arrive at your place of business and shred all contact immediately.
  • One-Time/Purge Document Destruction – This service option is ideal for companies who are in desperate need of removing clutter and mess, or for those that may be relocating in the near future and have a large volume of documents to dispose of. Schedules get hectic and in some scenarios there’s simply not enough time in a day to complete everything effectively; turn to our business to assist with the disposal of your unwanted content in a manner that guarantees your full security. Purge document shredding keeps your Montgomery business compliant, organized and entirely secure.

Professional Records Storage

If you’re considering professional records storage, Shred A Way’s facility is equipped with the necessary solutions for Montgomery clients. Turning to our records storage facility will provide your office with the additional space it has longed for.  Our services mean you can use this space far more effectively. Unless needed for reference purposes, storing records on-site at your place of business can lead to security threats. Disasters are real, and unfortunately in a lot of cases we don’t receive much warning ahead of time.  Keep your critical records documents safe with offsite records storage, and never stress about the chance of misplacing or damaging such vital information. Montgomery clients can take advantage of our indexing and records archiving abilities, all offered under one secure roof.  The option to access and/or retrieve your records will be provided to our customers 24/7 for full support. We incorporate a metal shelving system where your boxes are bar-coded correctly and secure in a closed off area.  Our professionals will successfully look after your records until you’re ready to retrieve them again. On the other hand, we are happily willing to store these until they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle and require professional shredding.

Media Destruction Services

A well-rounded document management program is made up of document shredding and document storage, but it’s critical to also focus on the protection of your electronic data as well.  Media destruction is just as important to prioritize, because now more than ever people design and circulate more electronic data over hard copy records. If you aren’t destroying hard drives after conducting a system upgrade, throwing these electronic records away is a big security concern; data can be retrieved quickly and is usually done without one’s knowledge. Our media destruction services ensure that the information found on your tapes, hard drives, and other electronic media is unrecoverable, leaving information 100% unrecoverable.  We are happy to offer our Montgomery clients this additional step towards total information security, and highly recommend this service.

Why Work with Shred A Way?

If your company is thinking about outsourcing its document management practices, Shred A Way is your source for affordable, simple, and cost-effective solutions that together, eliminate key security threats, working to better your productivity and organizational levels. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind in knowing your sensitive business information is in professional hands; we always follow the highest of industry standards for an experience you’ll be more than pleased with.

We’ve created a reputation for our selection of flexible document management services, and our clients continue to trust in us to keep their records secured. Learn more about the many ways in which your Montgomery organization can benefit from our secure and compliant services.

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