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Here’s Why Your Organization Should Have A Clean Desk Policy

We talk quite a lot about data security, theft and fraud. This is largely because they are very real risks for just about everyone; especially those who least expect to be victims. The damages that can arise from data or identity theft can be devastating, and the reality is that no one is completely absolved [. . . Read More]

Securing Your Data: Here’s What Your Training Program Needs to Cover

For many years, businesses and organizations have gone to great lengths to protect their sensitive data by using a variety of different techniques and protocols. These protocols usually try to achieve a few main things. These can include: Training employees to spot threats Training employees how to respond to threats Altering office practices to ones [. . . Read More]

HIPAA: To Shred or Not To Shred?

In 1996 the US government enacted and signed into effect the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act; known otherwise as HIPAA. The act was amended largely to modernize the movement of healthcare-related information, and also to protect personal information from fraud and theft. In HIPAA, this was done by managing how and when personal information [. . . Read More]