Document Shredding Services in LaGrange, GA

Shred A Way is a locally-owned and operated document shredding and document storage provider, serving LaGrange residents and businesses. As part of The Overby Company, we have been supplying document management solutions to a selection of industry backgrounds since 1973. We take pride in providing reliable document management solutions that contribute to security, productivity, and general compliance with state and federal privacy legislation.

Document Shredding in LaGrange

Our document management professionals are highly skilled in customizing document shredding services  to meet the unique needs of your LaGrange company. Whether you need immediate purge shredding services, scheduled ongoing services, or mobile document destruction services that are carried out before your eyes, our team of professionals will come directly to your place of business, where your confidential documents will be shred securely at your location immediately.

We Provide the Following Services:

  • Regularly Scheduled Document Shredding – Scheduled document shredding can be completed on a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly collection schedule, depending on your document disposal levels. We provide our clients with durable and secure, collection containers for the safe disposal of all sensitive documents requiring shredding. These are supplied free of charge when you use our regular document shredding services. For ease of use and convenience, we recommend that you situate these throughout your place of business in busy areas where documents are prominent, such as next to printing stations. Shredding is performed on-site at your location for simple service and little distraction to your work day. As part of our dedication to a greener environment, we collect and recycle all paper particles.
  • On-Call Document Destruction – Clients who may not have a need for ongoing shredding solutions will likely prefer our on-call service option. Our secure collection bins are also available with this solution and can be requested through an easy rental process. Reach out to our experts when your bins are at capacity and ready to be serviced. A shred technician will come to collect these at your place of business, as soon as possible.
  • One-Time/Purge Shredding – This solution is best for those companies who desperately need to remove clutter or are moving to a new location in the near future, and have a large volume of documents to rid of.  Schedules get hectic and in some cases, there’s simply not enough time in a day to finish everything successfully. Allow our company to assist with disposing of your unwanted records in a manner that guarantees your security. Purge shredding keeps your LaGrange business organized, secure, and most importantly compliant, with federal and state privacy legislation.

Records Storage Solutions

If you’re looking into professional services for your record storage needs, Shred A Way’s facility is specifically designed to provide industry leading solutions to customers throughout the LaGrange area. Through the use of our records storage facility, you’ll reap the benefits of regaining considerable office space back. Now you can use this free space more productive purposes.  Unless required for reference purposes, maintaining records on-site at your place of business, could pose potential security risks; Floods and fires happen, and often erupt without notice; sadly, theft is a real concern as well. Keep your critical records secure with offsite records storage, and never stress about the possibility of such occurrences. LaGrange clients can benefit from our indexing and records archiving abilities, all offered in our state-of-the-art facility. The ability to access and/or retrieve your records will be offered to our clients 24/7 for your convenience. We use a metal shelving system where your boxes are bar-coded accordingly and secure in a closed off area.  Our team will look after your records until you are in a position where you wish to retrieve them again. On the other hand, we are happy to store these until they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle and require shredding.

Media Destruction Solutions

An effective document management program involves both document shredding and document storage, but it’s important not to forget about the security of your electronic media as well. Media destruction is just as crucial to address, especially because of today more than ever we create and circulate a considerable volume of data electronically. If you fail to shred old hard drives following a system upgrade, tossing these away the way they are is risky business. Data can be recovered quickly and is often done so without knowledge. Our media destruction services ensure that the information found on your tapes, hard drives, and other electronic media is unrecoverable, leaving information 100% secure. We are thrilled to offer our LaGrange clients this extra step towards guaranteed information security, and highly recommend this service!

Why Partner with Shred A Way for Your Company?

If your organization is in need of a professional service it can depend on, Shred A Way is your source for affordable, simple, and cost-effective solutions that work together to minimize security threats and enhance productivity and organizational levels for your company. Gain peace of mind in knowing your business matters are in excellent hands. Our processes reflect the highest of industry standards for an experience you’ll be more than satisfied with. Customers can take advantage of document shredding, record storage, and media destruction services all at our facility.

We’ve developed a reputation for our wide array of flexible document management services, and our clients continue to trust us to keep their records protected. Learn more about the many ways in which your LaGrange organization can benefit from our secure and compliant services.

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