On-Call Service

Most businesses have no time or space to be holding onto documents that need to be destroyed. Not only can this take away from valuable office real estate, it can also create major information security vulnerabilities in offices which lack the proper tools and protocols to securely store documents until their destruction.

Over the years many businesses and organizations have realized the cost advantages of using a professional document shredding service in place of purchasing, maintaining and operating expensive shredding equipment on site. Our secure shredding services have helped businesses securely destroy documents as needed, even if those businesses don’t have the volume or necessity for regular ongoing services. Over the years however, we’ve also come to find that some businesses still desire the security benefits that come with having locked storage bins in the office, even if regular services are ongoing. Perhaps your workplace deals with large volumes of sensitive documents at irregular time periods, or perhaps document destruction requirements are volatile; occurring quickly and requiring completion quickly.

Our On Call shred service is the perfect fit; providing your workplace with the added security benefit of locked consoles, and quick shredding service as you need it, when you need it. Our On Call service gives your business quick service on the fly, without compromising security or quality.

Why On Call Shredding

On Call services are for businesses or organizations which require the secure destruction of documents as soon as possible. This service is also for those who require secure storage for documents to be destroyed, until service is completed. No job is too big or small; we do it all.

On Call Services are ideal for:

  • Workplaces with irregular volume of sensitive documents
  • Workplaces that require quick destruction service
  • Document destruction for compliance purposes

How Does It Work?

Our On Call service is designed to provide businesses with secure document disposal and destruction when they need it. The service process is very simple;

  • Locked storage bins are placed in your workplace as needed, where documents can be securely and safely stored until they are destroyed.
  • When you determine that it is time for documents to be destroyed, simply give us a call. We will make every effort to take care of containers within 48 hours of your service call.
  • We will arrive at your workplace and destroy your documents right on site. You can even watch the entire process unfold!
  • Upon completion of services, a certificate of destruction will be provided guaranteeing the quality of our service.

We Work Right On Site

By maintaining a state-of-the-art fleet of shred trucks, Shred-A-Way is able to provide your business with quality shredding services right at your workplace. We realize that schedules can create complications for bringing your documents to us. Our shred trucks and shred professionals are capable of working right at your workplace, so that you can focus on your business.

Certificate Of Destruction

As with the rest of our shredding services, Shred-A-Way stands firmly behind the quality of our services. We prove this by providing you with a certificate of destruction upon completion of shredding services. This document provides peace of mind, knowing that your documents are destroyed beyond recovery, and that we stand behind our service provided.

Remaining Sustainable Through Recycling

We take environmental responsibility and sustainability very seriously, which is why we always ensure that paper fibers are recycled securely. We take pride in minimizing our carbon footprint.

Truly Secure Service

Shred-A-Way takes security very seriously. We always make sure that our shred professionals are;

  • Screened and background checked
  • Kept up to date on the latest protocols and regulations

We also make sure to keep a thorough audit trail in order to provide services of the highest industry standards; compliant with state and federal privacy legislation. With simplified billing, document storage options and no removal fees, Shred-A-Way offers easy and secure services when you need them.

To learn more about our On Call services, talk to our team of shred professionals today!

In Columbus at 706-577-9668, or in Auburn at 334-521-6777.