Document Shredding & Storage

Scheduled Document Shredding Services

At Shred A Way in Columbus, Georgia we realize that every client has different shredding needs and thus we have a variety of different document shredding services to meet those needs. We found that a lot of clients preferred the benefits of a regular, scheduled document shredding service, so we implemented this handy solution to meet your needs.

Scheduled Document Shredding You Can Rely On

Don’t worry about the stress and hassle that comes with constantly scheduling one-time purge shredding; our scheduled service will eliminate these unnecessary tasks for you, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere on important tasks. Our unique mobile document shredding services allow us to cater to your specific schedule and budget. Our document destruction specialists will routinely schedule you in which contributes to your overall compliance, helping you to continually maintain your accountability and security measures.

Minimize the Risk of a Data Breach with Scheduled Shredding

Shred A Way’s scheduled document shredding services, can help your business prevent the risk of a data breach. We will assess your document disposal needs and work with you to come up with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shredding solution. We will ensure all of your documents are disposed of properly so you never have to worry about the threats surrounding data breach.

Convenience of Our Scheduled On-site Shredding Service

Shred A Way will pick up the documents at your place of business and shred them on-site, before your eyes. This saves you the hassle of bringing those documents to us and allows you to focus on your business operations. You can find out more about our on-site shredding service here.

How Our Process Works

Once we work together to create a schedule that works for you, the process then works as follows:

  1. Locked document security containers are placed in specific areas of your office.
  2. Documents that require shredding are dropped into the locked security containers as necessary, for security purposes.
  3. Our mobile shredding truck will then come to your location where a document shredding specialist will collect these containers, and proceed with the shredding of your documents on your premises.
  4. All paper will be shred and then disposed of at a recycling facility.
  5. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction following the shredding.
  6. The locked security container gets placed back in your office until your next scheduled shredding appointment.