Document Shredding in Valley, AL

Shred A Way is a locally-owned and operated document shredding company that provides secure destruction services, as well as document storage, to businesses and residents in the Valley region.  As part of The Overby Company, we have been offering quality document management service to a wide array of industries and organizations, since 1973.

Document Shredding Services in Valley

Our professional team specializes in customized document shredding services that are tailored specifically to your business needs. Whether you require immediate shredding services, regular ongoing shredding, or document destruction that can be witnessed, our specialists will arrive on-site at your business where all sensitive documents will be securely shredded on your premises.

We Offer the Following Shredding Services:

  • Regular, Scheduled Document Shredding Scheduled document shredding allows customers to choose from a bi-monthly or weekly collection, based on paper consumption levels. We supply several types of lockable bins/containers for secure document storage prior to destruction. These are offered at no charge with a regular document shredding service, and for security purposes, we highly recommend using these throughout your office. Shredding is performed efficiently on-site at your location for the greatest convenience. As part of our commitment to sustainability, all paper particles are collected and recycled.
  • On-Call Document Destruction – Clients who aren’t in need of ongoing shredding services will likely prefer our on-call option. Locked collection bins are offered with this service through a simple rental program.  Contact us when you’re ready to have your container’s collected, and a shred technician will arrive at your vicinity promptly.
  • Purge Clean-OutsThis service is ideal for clients who are looking to rid of clutter or are relocating and need to securely shred a considerable volume of documents. Schedules get hectic and sometimes there’s simply not enough time in a day to do it all; allow us to help your business remove your unwanted documents. Purge shredding keeps your Valley business secure and most importantly, in compliance with federal and state privacy legislation.

Records Storage Solutions

If you’re in need of record storage solutions, Shred A Way’s storage facility is designed specifically to provide this service to Valley clients. Our records storage facility allows you to regain your valuable office space, allow you to make use of it more effectively. Storing records on-site at your place of business can be a security threat; Mother Nature happens and unfortunately so does theft. Protect your critical business matters with reliable records storage services so these risks are never an issue.   Valley clients can take advantage of our indexing and records archiving in our state-of-the-art facility, while still receiving ongoing access to records whenever desired.  We use a metal shelving approach where your boxes are bar-coded accordingly and placed in a secure and closed storage space. Our professionals will maintain your records until you are ready to retrieve them, or we’ll gladly keep them through until the destruction process.

Media Destruction Services

An effective document management program includes document shredding and document storage, but what about the status of your electronic media? Media destruction is just as critical to consider, as today we create and share a vast amount of information electronically. If vital data is left on hard drives you could potentially leave data vulnerable to exposure.  Our media destruction services ensure that the data found on your tapes, hard drives, and other electronic media is securely destroyed, leaving information 100% unrecoverable. We are happy to provide this service to our Valley clients, as an extra step towards information security!

Why Partner with Shred-A-Way for Your Valley Organization?

If you’re looking for industry experts you can trust in, Shred A Way provides secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that place the protection of your privacy above all else. We are proud to supply our customers with the peace of mind you deserve, and we assure you that through our industry leading services and extended experience, you will receive just that.  Not only do we provide professional document shredding, our customers can also benefit from record storage and media destruction services for additional convenience; all services are offered under one roof!

Our processes reflect the highest industry standards, and we stand behind our quality and timely service.  Keep your Valley organization in compliance with privacy legislation, and allow our team to look after your document management requirements.

Get in touch with us today at 334-521-6777.