What Type of Document Shredding Do You Provide?

At Shred A Way, we provide efficient and convenient on-site shredding services that are carried out directly at your location. On-site document shredding, means you don’t have to transport documents off your premises; it is fast, secure and completed with professional expertise. Depending on your unique requirements, we will arrange a pick-up schedule that’s the best fitting for your business, and through the use of our state-of-the-art mobile shred trucks, our team will destroy all sensitive documents on-site, right before your eyes.

How Big Are the Jobs You Service?

At Shred A Way, we can handle all jobs regardless of how large or small it may be. We provide shredding services to both small businesses and large corporations. Shredding will be based on your paper consumption and budget requirements, but customers may choose from one-time purges and on-going, regular shredding.

Do I Need to Sort Paper Prior to Shredding?

No sorting is required! All documents that are no longer needed can be collected and placed together. Simply dispose of these confidential documents in secure, lockable collection bins prior to your shredding schedule. These containers ensure your information remains 100% protected at all times.

How do I know Documents Have Been 100% Destroyed?

Our customers are welcome to watch the entire shredding process firsthand. Feel free to witness your documents being shred through a closed circuit TV monitor, equipped with our mobile shred trucks. You’ll also be given a Certificate of Destruction following each shred job, which is legal proof that confirms your information has been professionally shred in accordance with privacy legislation.

What Happens to the Paper Following Shredding?

After all, documents have been securely shred, the minuscule pieces are collected and sent for recycling of new paper products.

Do You Provide Collection Containers?

Yes, we do. Shred A Way supplies lockable collection containers and bins of various sizes when you team up with us for your shredding needs. Our specialists will assess your current paper consumption and disposal habits, and suggest recommendations based on that. These bins are offered to you at no extra cost.

What if My Containers Become Full Before My Service Date?

If your container reaches capacity prior to your scheduled service date, get in touch with our team. We are happy to arrange an appropriate pick-up time for you. If it continues to take place in the future, we can suggest more containers, or adjust the frequency of your service schedule.

Do You Shred Material Outside of Paper?

We shred all kinds of material, but typically, paper is the most common. Rather than using conventional strip-cut shredders, we use crosscut document shredding technology that results in confetti-like pieces. Our advanced shred technology allows us to securely destroy paper, computer hard drives, and even smartphones and cell phones.

How Often Do Employees Undergo Training?

Our technicians are given ongoing, regular training specifically in regards to privacy legislation, industry updates, and information security. As well, all new staff go through rigorous background checks for additional security purposes. We promise to deliver the best possible secure service, from the most qualified team of experts.