Why Shred?

Stop Identity Theft

Unfortunately, thousands of individuals experience identity theft and identity fraud each year, here in Columbus and throughout the rest of the United States. Studies reveal that only a small portion of these crimes end up being reported. Secure shredding is the most reliable form of identity fraud protection. When you compare the cost of professional shredding against the cost of failing to shred, professional shredding solutions provided by Shred A Way will save you significant time and money.

Privacy Legislation Mandates Secure Shredding

Document Shredding is not only smart, it’s the law! It is your legal responsibility as a business owner to ensure confidential documents are protected throughout storage and following disposal. Data exposure can result in costly consequences when it comes to rebuilding your credit and reputation.  Federal and state privacy laws mandate that all organizations, including healthcare facilities and financial institutions, protect any confidential information that pertains to clientele.  Shred A Way can help protect you with our compliant paper shredding services.

To Maintain Client and Patient Confidentiality

Whether you operate a two-person shop or manage an organization with worldwide locations, sensitive information will be in your possession at one point or another. It’s important to remember that your customers are relying on your organization to maintain their confidentiality, and therefore, there’s typically an unspoken expectation that their privacy will never become compromised. Failing to take adequate measures in protecting this information could contribute to bad publicity, lost business and potential legal action.

Protecting Sensitive Business Information

Aside from identity theft and fraud, there is the risk of outside competitors who may be interested in obtaining confidential information associated with a particular company. Always carefully shred old marketing plans, budgets, customer lists, pricing, and any other private documentation that could be damaging if discovered by the wrong person. Shred A Way will carry out security audits to assist companies in identifying how sensitive information may fall into the wrong hands. Based on these findings, we’ll work with you to determine the best document management approach for your business, and how often you should be shredding to tighten overall security.